Fondazione Aldo Morelato


The works placed inside the MAAM are prototypes selected within the experimental production of Morelato srl and can be distinguished in different categories: research works, re-editions, prizes, donations, editions.
Works that have been preserved since the early Eighties, the result of various cultural operations in exhibitions and events, often collected by the Observatory on Applied Arts in the Furniture that already in 2000, under the artistic direction of Ugo La Pietra, has represented the cultural aspect of Morelato's activity.

The categories identified for the cataloging of the works are:

  • re-editions: classic objects that belong to history, faithfully reproduced with respect to the original;
  • donations: works designed by famous designers and donated to be part of the museum collection
  • research works: objects created for particular exhibitions and themes
  • the prizes: award-winning items and then made on the occasion of the various editions of the Significant Mobile International Competition
  • editions: selection of particular objects put into production in limited form