Fondazione Aldo Morelato

Institutional Aims

The Aldo Morelato Foundation based at Villa Dionisi a Venetian Villa in the Verona plains (of the 18th century), is a private non-profit organization whose institutional purposes in short cover:

  • the protection and enhancement of the monumental complex of Villa Dionisi and its park;
  • the promotion of activities connected to the Venetian Villas and the values they represent ;
  • the establishment of an Outlook on applied art in the Furniture sector;
  • implementation of training courses related to cabinet making, such as, for example, crafts and restoration, professionalism once well-rooted in the territory that might be lost;
  • the promotion of cultural events and initiatives of the organization, in cooperation with institutions and organizations from  Italy and other countries, aimed at enhancing the Verona and Venetian area  on national and international level