Fondazione Aldo Morelato



The Aldo Morelato Foundation is an investment in culture and research  founded  for two reasons. The first regards the wish of the  Morelato family to ground a Foundation as a tribute to the founder of the company and is based on the belief that “Enterprise means Culture”.

Every company reflects a cultural model of thoughts and actions regarding the production, research and technology.  In time this model takes the form of documents, testimonies and products that make the history of a company unique and distinctive. Hence the need of the company not to disperse, but rather enhance, promote and deepen their own historical model, the production philosophy which Morelato largely owes to their founder .

The second reason for the establishment of the Foundation belongs to the very philosophy of the Morelato company itself, in their way of doing business. A philosophy based on the idea that culture and economical development are not only reconcilable but capable of entering in a  synergistic relationship  that will enhance the competiveness of a company. This idea has always been present but becomes even more important at a time like this in which to  counter the effects of globalization it is necessary to deepen the ties with the territory through the recovery of its history and cultural identity. A philosophy whose social implications are well expressed in a concept promoted by the Council of Europe (treaty of Berlin 1984): there is no development without cultural growth. According to the principle of “cultural development” or “cultural aims of development” culture is the final aim of development not just an aspect; in other words the final goal of development is to enable citizens to live at the highest cultural level possible.

The Morelato company has made these aims its own thus accepting a role in society as well as on the market and taking part in the cultural and social growth of the territory and its community.