Fondazione Aldo Morelato



For several years during the International days of Study held in the month of June at Villa Dionisi, some of the most famous designers and artists have donated the project of one of their creations to the MAAM museum.
Exemplary objects: from the wardrobe by Michele De Lucchi to the bed designed by Luca Maria Patella.
Over the years the Morelato company under the art direction of  Ugo La Pietra has produced the projects designed by Fabio Novembre, Aldo Cibic, Paolo Deganello, Sergio Pallucco, Paola Navone, Valerio Gaeti, Bruno Novelli Fontanesi.


A cena con Timeo by Letizia Cariello, 2018
     NIKKO by Andrea Branzi, 2015
Opera FRAMMENTO MISURA by Adolfo Natalini, 2014
Opera L'ERRORE E IL DISINCANTO by Michele Manzini, 2013
Opera CHAISE MORELATO by Mario Botta, 2013
Opera CODEX by Piero Lissoni, 2012

Opera LAYER by Paola Navone, 2011
Opera UNITA NELLA DIVERSITA by Ugo La Pietra, 2011
Opera LEONARDO by Marco Ferreri, 2010
Opera Victims by Paolo Pallucco, 2010
Opera Km0 by Paolo Deganello, 2010
Opera Alberobello by Aldo Cibic, 2009
Opera Spicchi di Memoria by Fabio Novembre, 2008
Opera Letto Right by Luca Maria Patella, 2007
Opera Armadio Minka by Michele De Lucchi, 2006