Fondazione Aldo Morelato


Nowadays, it is very difficult to keep a big band as the Sound Art Orchestra alive, both for the obligation of the rehearsals, periodically required to the musicians, as well as for the difficulties in facing the organization of concerts and finding the necessary funding for the maintenance of such a complex structure.

It takes a leader who is able to keep the group together and to manage it as well as possible, not only from a logistical point of view but also from an artistic one.

It is in fact essential to define a repertoire of music able to create a common language between the various sections of the orchestra, trying to respect and explore the best interpretation, the sound effects and the colors requested by the different traditional or modern scores. 

Thus maestro Lino Bragantini, excellent trombonist and a great connoisseur of this music, is a splendid interpreter of the great classics, such as Avalon by V. Rose, More by R. Ortolani and Stella by starlight and ventures into a more unknown repertoire, brilliantly interpreting pieces like Opus in Pastels by S. Kenton and P. Rugolo. 

Swinging rhythm, well balanced and excellent solos, among which the beautiful voice of Rossana D’Auria, the biting trumpet of Sandro Gilioli and the trombone played by Lino Bragantini.

A great CD, well played and well-recorded, which introduces us to a precious world of music with great artistic value. 


Mauro Ottolini